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It is as if the themes of the signs of the zodiac are applied almost in a fractal-like way onto the individual chart to emphasize their patterns. A planet in its own house is nearly as significant as one in its own sign. It is also "at home" in the realm of life which it influences. This works the same way as if a results-oriented, ambitious person was "at home" within one's career, or as a determined student within school. An ambitious athlete would be "at home" on the football field in the same Saturn is "at home" within the 10th house or Mars would be within the 1st house.

If Saturn were in Capricorn within the 10th house, the effect would be unduly more so. The planet would be greatly emphasized within the chart, and would thought to be a focal part of the personality. With any of these placements the planet is thought to be particularly comfortable in its expression, but the impact and effect increases when the triple effect of these occurs. An individual with Mars in the 1st house and also falling in the sign of Aries would be brimming with confidence in one's own decision making skills.

One would exhibit a go-getter attitude, seeking out bold or daring enterprises. In fact, one would be "at home" in adrenaline rushes, "comfortable" with living life on the edge. Take a look at our full guide to the birth chart which thoroughly explores the meaning of all planets and the signs they fall into here. To find out if you have a planet that falls in its own sign, create your natal chart here. Create your free, personalized, and highly customizable birth chart natal chart by filling in the form below.

What does it mean when a planet is in its own sign? What are the rulerships for each planet in Astrology? Aries and 1st House. Taurus and 2nd House. Gemini and 3rd House. Cancer and 4th House. Leo and 5th House. Virgo and 6th House. Libra and 7th House. Scorpio and 8th House.

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Sagittarius and 9th House. Capricorn and 10th House. Aquarius and 11th House. Pisces and 12th House. Create Your Birth Chart Create your free, personalized, and highly customizable birth chart natal chart by filling in the form below. My name is:.

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Sun enters Scorpio

AM PM. Create Chart. Recent on Astro-Charts. Parvati Shallow September 21, Bill Hicks December 16, Richard E. He does not specify what con-significators actually signify or how to use them. It creates the same fundamental sluggishness with expressing the key energy concept that the planet would experience if classically peregrine. I am not sure how this sits with you. In respect of signs vs. Now I have read your books, so I know you respect him a great deal, and Volguine gave considerable strength to planets in the numbered signs.


For example he believed that the Sun was better able to express its essential quality in the 5th because it is an area of expression that is broadly compatible with the quality of Leo. In practise I am inclined to agree with Volguine, but my mind is not closed on the subject, rather I am now keen to understand, is Mars improved in the 1st, above and beyond the experiential truth that any planet rising or indeed, angular is lent force?

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In my experience it appears to be. For example I have two boys with Mars rising: one in Capricorn and one in Libra, they are both very forceful in their ways.

Natural rulers and who’s really head of the household

Thanks for your comments. Tyl and have had conversations with him over the years at various conferences. He is clearly a very bright and articulate man. Peregrine and unaspected are not equivalent concepts. I do respect Volguine and I have no objection to his point about the Sun and the 5th house. In my view the signs have natural rulers. In practical terms, consider a person with Libra rising. Then Venus rules the 1st house in this particular nativity. Sorry if I sounded a little too dogmatic in this post. No need to apologise Tony, it is possibly more to do with my missing the point that it is not principles which have caused you consternation, but terminology.

I entirely agree. Thank you for your patient explanation!

Domicile (astrology)

Ah, ha, ha! What a can of worms I opened. My errors led to great and wide education. Bien Proveco! They seem to be one of those things that are mentioned once and never applied. Eric, Great question. Maybe a traditional horary maven has the answer.

House Rulers

Pingback: Modern muddleheadedness about 'natural' rulers of the astrological Astrology Education Scoop. James, You make a good point. All of us who practice astrology today are modern astrologers in the sense that we practice in the 21st century, a modern century. My own view is that we should acknowledge when we are changing ideas in astrology and give our reasons for doing so. Compression implies the loss of detail for the sake of clarity of the big picture which is not conflation.

Signs are degree segments of the ecliptic or path of the sun, which lies at the center of the zodiac belt in a geocentric model. There are 12 such divisions of degrees. The houses are a fold division of the horoscope wheel. The oldest version of houses used each sign as a house, starting with the ascending sign. Houses were also a fold division of the circle but viewed from a different perspective.

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Thus, from the beginning signs and houses were conceived as representing different facets of reality. In a sense you are correct but there is a reason or reasons for the conventions. Astrology did not suddenly arise but had a long gradual development which included many cultures and religious world views. By the time astrology reached Hellenistic Egypt from Babylonian, it incorporated centuries of observations of the heavens with correlations to world events as well as the mythology and religious views of the times.

The Greeks mathematized astrology to make a scientific theory of the age-old celestial observations and beliefs. Thus, astrology is a melding of ancient beliefs about gods and emerging scientific ideas about spherical trigonometry. I read Zip Dobbins years ago and was initially impressed by the simplicity of her ideas, but on further reflection I believe she has done a great disservice to astrology by lumping together ideas that are in reality distinct.

Upon reflection, this make a lot of symbolic sense since life begins in the womb of the mother, which are related to Cancer and the Moon. If convention had included the original historical sources, Dobbins system would give very different equivalences than the one she presented. The sloppy use of language at conferences really gets my Aries up. Or is that the 1st House? Thanks Tony. Reblogged this on The Rational Idealist Esotericist.

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