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Astrology is such a vast subject it can take life times to work with. As Astrologers we try to apply cosmic order like codes of conduct to these massive living entities interacting on many levels. Plotting our interaction with seemingly abstract energies is definitely Uranian, but is needs to ground itself through the angles or personal planets in a particular way to express Astrology. The resurgence of Astrology at this time may be seen as the emerging science of the Aquarian age but without personnel integrity Leo balance point the heart it too can be a brutal science.

I believe Astrology itself is going through a transformation as it brakes free from the sole use of kings, religion or powers, it is how we use this fantastic art that matters. I enjoyed reading this article. However, there is a difference betwee being interested in and having a talent for astrology and earning a living as an astrologer.

If some of your readers are now thinking of quitting their day job — they could consider doing a horary to find out if they can actually make a decent living. So — profit from astrology will be shown by the planet ruling the 10th. The 9th being the astrologer — profit from astrology the 10th. I will draw my readers attention to your site. Good luck. Maybe I missed what you have said, but do you have stats on this by chance. I hear this all the time 27 or 29 degree and I have Mercury 28 Aquarius and strong Saturn. Hell, what does make a decent astrologer. Articles,counseling, teaching,researh or all of the above.

OF course delienation of charts. Chiron as well, if prominient on an angle. It conjuncts my Venus and sun moon midpoint first house. Hiring certain signs for jobs.

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For real. I use astrology for many purposes as this. It is better than doing a background check. I have picked it up effortlessly and find myself able to apply it at a rate much faster than others. At least this seems to be the reaction of friends who have watched my learning process. Sun Virgo 11 degrees. Asteroid Urania at 2 Libra. Interestingly, if what I read is correct, Neptune was discovered in at 27 degrees Aquarius.

Acrux Star – Southern Cross – Astrology King

I feel another article coming on…. I have heard Scorpio 10 degrees is signifigant for an astrologer. I keep hearing that as I have my Part of Fortune there. I have 3 planets in Virgo including Mercury. Fortuna is interesting, but of course she moves very swiftly since her placement is based upon the movement of the Ascendant, thus a degree of inaccuracy for Fortuna occurs for each 4 minutes of timing inaccuracy. Robson says of the fixed star Acrux at 11Sc52 that it is frequebtly prominent in the charts of astrologers, so that may explain it, of course, about years ago due to precession, Acrux would have been posited at around 10 Scorpio, so that probably explains it.

Good luck with your study. Successful astrology is as much about determination as ability. Thank you, I also have Pluto in Leo 28 degrees and Jupiter in Virgo 10 so perhaps that will assist me in my endeavor. I agree that in order to succeed in anything we have to persevere.

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An astrologer interested in love and relationships will have a very different configuration to one interested in deep soul transformation, right? Likewise one interested in horary and mathematical accuracy, or one in soul progression and esoteric astrology. For your research, here is what I find relevant in my an astrologer own chart — from my own opinion plus what you include above:. Uranus: oriental planet, conjunct Sun, 9 deg Libra P. My own astrological interest is in transformation, healing, and delving deep into the shadow sides.

No surprises there!

Love reading about what astrological placements might indicate an astrologer. I am one, and I have Uranus conjunct my sun 4 degree orb in 5th house in Scorpio. I have Urania in 2nd house at 0 degrees Leo. Pallas-Vesta both conjunct MC degree orb in the 10th in Pisces. Neptune in 6th. Moon-Venus both in Virgo but at degrees. Merc at 20 Libra exactly on 5th cusp. I am very mystical, artistic, and poetic and really quite passionate about astrology. I am a holistic physician-psychiatrist as well, so pattern-recognition, counseling and health ruler of 10th in the 6th are all very prominent themes for me.

I have Cancer rising. I do really enjoy teaching and helping people, and I love mysteries like astrology and really all esoterica. But maybe Urania in the 2nd is also significant….

Fixed Stars

Funny it should work that way…. Powered by WordPress. Sixty-three percent of the astrologers had the ruler of the eleventh house direct. The Southern Cross carries cultural significance in many countries in the southern hemisphere. A stone image of Crux constellation has been found in Machu Picchu in Peru. In Australian Aboriginal astronomy, the cross asterism and the Coalsack Nebula represent the head of the Emu in the Sky.

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The Southern Cross is represented on the Australian flag. Its stars are also featured on the flag of Brazil, where the asterism is known as Cruzeiro, or Cruzeiro do Sul. The Southern Cross is also mentioned in the Brazilian national anthem and used to be the name of the currency between and and again between and Amerigo Vespucci charted the stars in , but a more accurate depiction appeared in , made by another Italian explorer, Andrea Corsali.

Crux appeared on celestial globes by Petrus Plancius and Jodocus Hondius Plancius, a Dutch cartographer, depicted the constellation based on observations by Pieter Dirkszoon, a Dutch explorer. Acrux, Alpha Crucis, is the brightest star in the constellation and the 12th brightest star in the sky. The star has an apparent magnitude of 0. Its name is short for Alpha Crux. The two are separated by four arc seconds. Both stars are very hot, almost class O, and their respective luminosities are 25, and 16, times that of the Sun.

Alpha-1 Crucis is a spectroscopic double, with 14th and 10th magnitude components orbiting each other with a period of 76 days. There is another B class subgiant star in the system, but it is believed to be more distant from the other components and merely located along the same line of sight. Acrux has cultural significance in the southern hemisphere.

It is also one of the 27 stars representing different states on the flag of Brazil.

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Beta Crucis is the second brightest star of the Southern Cross and the 20th brightest star in the night sky. It has an apparent magnitude of 1. It is classified as a Beta Cephei variable. Its estimated age is 10 million years. Beta Crucis is a spectroscopic binary composed of two stars, about 8 AU apart, that orbit each other every five years. Becrux belongs to the spectral type B0. It got the name Mimosa because of its colour. The star represents the State of Rio de Janeiro on the flag of Brazil. Gamma Crucis is the third brightest star in Crux and the 26th brightest star in the sky.

It is a binary star, with a primary component belonging to the spectral class M4 III and a white, A3 class star with a visual magnitude of 6. The companion is about light years distant from Earth.


Delta Crucis is a subgiant belonging to the spectral class B2IV. It has an apparent magnitude of 2. It is classified as a Beta Cephei type variable. Zeta Crucis is another double star in Crux constellation. It is composed of a blue-white dwarf belonging to the spectral class B2. The bright blue star on the right side of the image is the variable star Epsilon Crucis.

The colours used in this image represent specific wavelengths of infrared light.